Jesse Daugherty - Oct 22, 2019

Lapel pins have made quite a comeback recently. These versatile accessories are designed to give your outfit that elegance perfect for any occasion.

Looking to step up your style for that special occasion? Style is all about the details, and a lapel pin is a great way to take your look up a notch. The question for many of us is, how do you wear a lapel pin? Figuring how to wear a lapel pin can be somewhat challenging.

However, if done right, it can offer a touch of elegance and class to nearly any outfit. Whether it’s your first time wearing a lapel pin or you wear them often, here is everything you need to know on how to wear a lapel pin.

What's A Lapel Pin?
Before we dive into the different ways of wearing lapel pins, let's understand what we are dealing with. Lapel pins are small-sized pins worn on the lapel of a jacket or coat. These stylish pins come in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors.

How To Wear A Lapel Pin!
How to wear a lapel pin shouldn't be a challenge. Here are a few easy-to-follow steps to ensure that your pin adds that certain flair you are looking for.

1. Decide on Placement
Position your pin on the left lapel, a little above your pocket square. Unscrew the backings, and place them somewhere safe. Attach the needle of your pin through the buttonhole on your coat’s lapel. The pin's face should face outward with the needle on the backside of your lapel.

2. Pierce The Pin Through The Fabric
If your coat is designed without a buttonhole, you can gently pierce your lapel pin through the fabric at an angle similar to that of your lapel. This is mostly necessary when pinning long-stem pins. Next, carefully screw the backing back in position. If you are worried this might damage the fabric of your coat, ask your tailor to sew a subtle thread onto the lapel’s back. This will hold the lapel pins, without piercing the fabric.

3. Put On A Stickpin With The Needle On The Front
For a stickpin; you should aim a spot on your lapel’s back where the thin needle will penetrate. Then aim the spot and pierce the needle through the fabric to the front side. Always ensure that the pin maintains your lapel’s angle. You can then tightly fasten the stickpin’s backing, preventing it from rotating as you move. Having the pin sticking out on the front gives a more modern aesthetic. If you want a conservative look instead, you’ll have to leave the pin’s needle on the backside of your lapel.

4. Attach The Backing
Screw the backing of your pin onto the needle and secure your pin. Ensure that the backing is well hidden by your lapel’s front, while the head sticks out of the buttonhole. Magnetic clasps are best if you do not want to pierce through the fabric. No matter which backing you use, you will need to adjust the pin so that it's at the same angle as your lapel.

Lapel Pin For Every Occasion!
Lapel Pins are perfect for almost every occasion. Since you will find a lapel pin for any occasion, make sure that you choose one that fits you well.

The Everyday Pin!
You don't wear a lapel pin only on special occasions. You can look your best everyday. No matter if you are at the office or enjoying some night drinks with friends, a lapel pin will add to your style and look. Subtle pins, such as the long-stem, will give your suit an added extra.

Business Occasions!
Corporations and other businesses will, in most cases, use lapel pins to signify achievements or affiliation to a membership. Wear a custom lapel pin during that business function and stand-out from the rest.

The type of lapel pin you choose for a wedding will mostly depend on its level of formality. In most weddings, a floral or metallic lapel pin will be the best choice. Modern-day boutonnières blend well with decorative flowers. In place of the popular white carnation, you can choose other flowers that complement the wedding theme.

Formal Events!
Formal events present the perfect opportunity to wear your lapel pin. For formal events, ensure that you select the right lapel pin to wear on your tux. This will add an elegant and stylish look. An enamel pin or badge will be perfect if it’s a corporate event.

Get Quality Custom Pins For Every Occasion!
Now that you know how to wear a lapel pin give your outfit an upgrade. Looking to present lapel pins to your employees for great accomplishments? Get the best ideas and assistance from professionals to make your custom lapel pins the best. Contact us and fill out a free quote form. Let us create your custom lapel pins to match your requirements!